MLInvoice Invoicing Application

MLInvoice (formerly known as Finnish-only VLLasku) is a web-based invoicing application designed primarily for Finnish companies. It is meant to be a smooth tool for creating offers, invoices, following payments and creating reports. MLInvoice is available in Finnish, Swedish and English, and new translations can be added. MLInvoice contains invoicing, client registry, product registry and reporting functions. Invoices are produced in PDF or Finvoice format. There can be several invoicing companies.

See the screenshots to see how MLInvoice looks (or looked when the screenshots were taken...).


MLInvoice does not cost anything. Additionally, its source code is available for anyone to work on. On the other hand, no support, suitability to any use or anything else is guaranteed. Feedback is still very welcome on the discussion area. It is even possible to get answers. You can also contact Yours Truly by email: ere at labs dot fi.


MLInvoice requires a web server with support for PHP and a MySQL/MariaDB database. Otherwise it doesn't have many requirements. MLInvoice can also be installed with Vagrant or Docker.

Ere Maijala