D.O.it - Osteopath's Application (and others' too)

D.O.it has been designed from the ground up for osteopaths. It may well work also for others that concentrate on making people or animals feel better, such as chiropractors, masseurs and therapists. It includes functionality for managing client visits and invoicing. The system also provides reports and printouts such as client data extract or report for accounting.

D.O.it has been made as easy to use as possible. The idea is that the system does not interfere the work e.g. with different dialogs and confirmations, but makes the use smooth. D.O.it is easy to install and take into use, and it works on Windows, macOS and Linux environments. The downloadable version is meant to be installed on a single computer or user.

D.O.it is commercial software (190 euros + VAT 24% for a lifetime license), but it can be installed for testing purposes for free. In test use there is a 50 client limit. The limit can be removed by purchasing a user-specific registration code. To purchase the registration code, please send email to info(at)labs.fi.


Current Version: 1.22 - Released 28 Jun 2020

User's Manual

Previous Version: 1.20


Installation of D.O.it is simple:

D.O.it is available in English and Finnish. Default language is determined from system locale settings, but the language can be changed from the Functions (Toiminnot) menu.

Upgrading to a Newer Version

New versions of D.O.it can be installed directly on top of the previous version. On the first startup D.O.it will upgrade the database if necessary. In any case it is highly recommended that a database backup be made before a version upgrade.

Change Log

Version 1.22 - 28 Jun 2020

Version 1.20 - 7 Oct 2019

Version 1.8 - 27.3.2016

Version 1.7 - 8.2.2014

(Version 1.6 - no public release)

Version 1.5 - 11.3.2012

Contact Information

Ere Maijala: ere(at)labs.fi

Lasse Maijala: lasse.maijala(at)lastenosteopatia.fi